Ration Guru | Faqs

1. How do the products STAY FRESH?

Grocery orders are shopped at the last possible moment.
They are carefully packed by hand into bags and special temperature-controlled containers designed to keep produce fresh, refrigerated products cold and frozen products frozen.
Your fresh and frozen products are never sitting out. Proper temperatures are always maintained.
We make sure your groceries stay at their optimal temperature whether you're getting your groceries delivered or picking them up.

2. What KINDS OF PRODUCTS do you carry?

Ration Guru carries the most popular items that you find at your local grocery store.
Produce – fresh, flavorful and specially selected for you
Highest quality meats, deli and seafood
Natural and Organic items
National brands you recognize and love.
Store brands to save you money.
Health and Beauty Care items.

3. How can I SAVE MONEY shopping at RationGuru ?

At Ration Guru, there are lots of great ways to save – with smart shopping tools you won't find at the store.
Shop our sale items – go the Offer Zone tab and click on Offer Zone. You'll find thousands of items on sale each week.
Sort and compare prices by selecting price or unit price on our Sort tool.
Track your total as you shop to help you stay in budget.
Use coupons. We double manufacturer coupons up to 10%.
Limit impulse purchases – most customers are surprised at how much they save!

4. WHEN can I get my order?

Next day or in time slots chosen by for orders before 12 Noon , Ration Guru offers a wide variety of options.
After you enter your ZIP code, mention the time that works best for you in the comment box .

5. How do PRODUCT PRICES compare to the store?

Prices are comparable to your local grocery stores. Depending on where you live, prices may be a little higher or lower than what you typically see in your neighborhood store.